Picking The Right Studio

Finding the Right Shop

Be very careful of solely depending on the internet during your research for a potential studio or artist, remember even the most popular customer review sites are businesses that make money. That has to come from somewhere and no way are “wheels not getting greased” in exchange. To think otherwise is to simply not know.

Know the Difference

  • Street Artists – Artists will copy/do any tattoo you bring in. Have images “too choose from” and usually are cheaper and less skilled.
  • Custom Artists – Won’t copy, stronger artistically will create unique works of art, and usually worth what they charge.

Look at Portfolios

  • Look at portfolios and pick an artist, it doesn’t require much energy to see what styles, quality of work is there, and it makes you more confident/excited to explore that kind of work we do and what is possible for your new tattoo.
  • To not do so may create a situation where the artist has to devote time to what should be the fun part of a consultation to selling/auditioning his/her work/style, when really by that point you should have already done the step of checking out portfolios and already sold on the artist.

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