Picking an Artist

The Shop

We always have the good vibes happening here at the shop. Our artist are all rad and unique people who love to listen to your ideals. We’re located by the beach, we burn in-scents,  we like yoga, and we love to tattoo! If you come in during the week you might even get to meet our shop help Zoey the dog. 

The Artist

Check out our homies Instagram and portfolio page. Get to know your potential artist a little bit and creep on them! Each artist has their own style, find the one that matches yours.

Fun facts about our artist they are left handed, mostly vegan, music lovers, surfers, new parents, and one of them can hold their breathe for 2 minutes.

Feel free to creep (I do it all the time)





Any further questions? Give us a call: (424) 228-2233