How Deposits Work

Deposits are for the artist time spent on your artwork and securing your time slot.

Making A Deposit

  • $80 to $120 depending on scope of project
  • Deposits go towards the cost of your tattoo
  • We can take deposits over the phone
  • Deposit are non-refundable

Deposits are lost if…

  • Under 24 hours advance notice of cancelling or rescheduling before appointment.
  • Upon second cancellation
  • No call, no show
  • After a period of 60 days from the time the deposit was left if you haven’t contacted the artist or studio you left a deposit with to make arrangements to continue the process of receiving the tattoo.


  • Touch ups are usually free, hit up your artist and they’ll let you know when they are free

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Any further questions? Give us a call: (424) 228-2233