Tattoo Deposit Policy

Deposits are a great tool to compensate the artist for time spent on artwork or his/her time for appointments, and for you to make certain you will get your artwork done.

Making A Deposit

  • $80 to $120 depending on scope of project.
  • Are non-refundable; the artist has set aside time, often time aside from other clients.
  • A deposit covers up to one or more revisions with an artist (quantity up to discretion of artist).
  • Does not transfer copyright ownership of art; it is for the artist’s time.

Your deposit is forfeited if:

  • If you change your mind completely on the idea of the tattoo during the course of the artist working on it for you.
  • Under 24 hours advance notice of cancelling or rescheduling before appointment.
  • Upon second cancellation (even with prior notice).
  • If 20 minutes or over late for appointment with no phone call it counts as a “no-show”.
  • Even with a call over 30 minutes late it is up to discretion of the artist if he/she must re-schedule.
  • After a period of 60 days from the time the deposit was left if you haven’t contacted the artist or studio you left a deposit with to make arrangements to continue the process of receiving the tattoo.


  • Touch ups are usually free, but if you are a no show to your touch up, $60 must be paid to the artist in order to compensate him/her for time that could have been allocated toward another client. This is necessary to make another touchup appointment.

Didn’t get your artwork or hear back from the artist in a month? Deposit dispute?

Please contact the owner Cort at (424) 228-2233 or (310) 754-5225!

Keep in mind for any consideration it must be a special case that deviates from situations listed on our tattoo deposit policy.

Any further questions? Give us a call: (424) 228-2233