Finger Tattoos

So you just want a little tiny tattoo on your finger, and our minimum is $80 and we stick to that for the fingers especially…. why?!?

Because in most cases, all tattoos on the hands and feet require at least one to two touchups.

That means we have to break out new needles and medical disposables every time we do the touchup, which is pretty much expected for those areas of the body. And since touchups are normally free we have to at least adhere to our minimum to cover the cost.

Also, not many tattooists can work on the fingers properly. However, it is up to the artist’s discretion quite honestly and our artists are usually good at explaining to you the details of what they can do for you.

Most artists stick to the shop minimum for fingers, and the ones that do decide to go below the minimum don’t usually guarantee the work thereafter because of the cost of the process. We hope this better explains everything for those interested in getting hand or foot tattoos.

Any further questions? Give us a call: (424) 228-2233