What are your hours?

12pm to 8pm Tuesday thru Saturday, Closed Sunday and Monday

What is your shop minimum?


But it’s small can it be cheaper?

Due to cost of operating, we are sorry but we can’t.

Do you have time today to tattoo me?

Generally we are booked in advance, so we usually do not, but we can usually get you in for a consultation right away.

Do you do piercings or sell jewelry?

We do not.

How much for my tattoo?

Come into the shop.

Do you use new needles?

Yes, always.

Do you tattoo people under 18?

We are prohibited by law from give anyone under 18 a tattoo in Los Angeles County, under any circumstances.

Are there things you don’t do?


  • Piercings
  • Face Tattoos
  • Swastikas / Neo Nazi Tattoos / Racist Tattoos (yes we have to actually state this, even in this day and age)
  • Genitalia / Nether regions tattoos are on a case by case basis (high risk for infection)

Where are you located?