What are your hours?

We are open Monday thru Saturday 12pm to 8pm

What is your shop minimum?

Tattoo’s start at $80

Do you have time today to tattoo me?

We can’t guarantee all walk-in but can most likely fit you in! Call us so we can save some time for you 424-228-2233

Do you do piercings or sell jewelry?

Nah dude, we just do tattys

How much for my tattoo?

Tattoo’s start at $80

Pricing is determined by size, detail, and position on the body. Stop by the shop or email an artist and we can give you a better quote.

Do you use new needles?

Yes, always.

Do you tattoo people under 18?

Dude! It’s not us, it’s the government. We are prohibited by law from giving anyone under 18 a tattoo in Los Angeles County. We know it’s lame but we gotta follow the law.

Are there things you don’t do?


  • Piercings
  • Face Tattoos
  • Swastikas / Neo Nazi Tattoos / Racist Tattoos (equality man, make love!)
  • Genitalia / Nether regions tattoos are on a case by case basis (high risk for infection)

Where are you located?