“Tattoo Attorneys”

  • Please don’t bring friends to a consultation or a tattoo, if you can help it. Your friend will always be your friend, but over the years in our experience, sometimes (not always) a friend can really hinder the process by “looking out for you”.
  • This is your tattoo, so this should be between you and your artist, so if you absolutely are so unsure that need the input of friends; it’s probably not the time to get a tattoo. The only person’s input that should count is yours and your artist’s.

Moral Support

  • Due to new CA health code, your friend/significant other can’t be present with you and the artist during the process anyway, and often even small tattoos can be an hour or two hour long process.
  • Inevitably your companion will get bored/antsy and you will feel bad/rushed, so if you can help it, come alone.

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