Michael Manarino

Michael Manarino

Tattooer and painter, born and raised in Southern California.
From the early days of my apprenticeship I’ve always had a fondness for American traditional tattooing, and even further back as I got my first tattoo. I’ve spent 10 years in the industry, 6 of which tattooing, 2 as an apprentice, I still find myself thinking of how I can make classic designs like roses, panthers, and skulls my own.
It’s all about perspective, and here is mine, yes I could make a career off copying traditional designs and calling them ” My own.” But 100 times over I would rather tattoo my style of American traditional, in my way, with my perspective and aesthetic.
Love it or hate it, it could not be more of a piece of me. I can be found at Evermore tattoo in Los Angeles tattooing every day but Wednesday and Sunday, come in, get something cool.

Yours Truly
Michael R. Manarino

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