Zoey the Unicorn

Zoey the Unicorn

Now, you may be reading that title and wondering, “Why are they talking about unicorns? It’s a tattoo blog, not a myth and legends blog!” Silly people! I’m not talking about real unicorns. I’m talking about this special snowflake!

This is our shop dog, Zoey the Unicorn. She is the sweetest creature in the world. She belongs to the bossman, Zack…

…and his amazing wife, Jessi…

Zoey is a fully certified emotional support dog.

Zoey hangs out with us Monday through Friday, and you’ll most likely find her doing 2 of her favorite things…

Destroying cardboard

And sleeping

This giant love muffin is the sweetest creature you’ll ever meet, and all she wants to do is love you, and have you love her back. So, come on by and rub her belly while you wait to get tattooed!

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