One of the first steps in getting a tattoo is selecting an artist. Usually, you do this by looking through their work, either on a shop or personal website, or on Instagram. After you’ve found someone you like, you will contact them to set up the next most important step…

The Consultation! 

But what is involved in a consultation, you might ask?

Well, in a small nutshell, it’s a discussion you will have with your tattoo artist about your idea. Sometimes, it’s a very in depth discussion and sometimes it’s a quick 10 min conversation. It can all depend on the design you’re thinking of. If even you’re simply walking into a shop for the first time, you will have some kind of consultation with an artist. These conversation will cover anything from size, placement, colors, etc. 

Keep in mind that some consults may end with your tattoo being scheduled out. This happens so your artist can spend time to really draw out your design, and to set aside time in the day to focus solely on you and your tattoo. This applies to large and/or highly detailed designs. There are times, with smaller/simpler designs, that the artist can do those same day. That’s why you have a consult!

Now, during the consult, you may hear the artist say something like “I don’t think that’s going to work”. They’re not saying that because they don’t want to do it, or they don’t like your idea. I promise, that’s not the case! There are times that the idea you have in your head, while sounding awesome, doesn’t translate well when it comes to skin. The human body is very unique canvas and there are certainly factors to take into account when planning out a tattoo. So, try not to get too annoyed with your artist when they say this, they really have your best interest in mind! 

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