We get the “How do I heal my tattoo?” question often from people. I thought I would take a moment to break down how we here at Evermore Tattoo recommend handling a fresh tattoo.

It’s a fairly easy process. When the artist completes your tattoo, and has most likely taken a few pictures of it for their portfolio, they will wrap it up to protect it. Leave that wrapping on for 2-4 hours. After that, you’re going to wash it with Liquid Dial Anti-Bacterial Soap. Rub the soap in gently, making sure to not scrub it. When you’re done, pat it dry lightly with either a freshly washed towel, or paper towel. Allow it to air dry for a short time, then apply a thin layer of either Palmer’s Cocoa Butter or Merry Hempster’s Vegan Hemp Lotion (which we do sell here at the shop for $5).

For the next 4 weeks, repeat this process in the morning (when you wake up) and in the evening (before you go to bed). During the healing process, you may feel that your tattoo is a little too dry (feels pulled tight, etc). If that’s happening, it’s okay to apply a small amount of lotion to the area, but make sure you wash your hands before touching it! Never touch it without either having showered or washed your hands.

During the healing process, the tattoo will form a very small layer of skin on top, then begin to flake off (much like a sunburn). Don’t peel off any pieces! Allow them to fall off on their own. Also, the tattoo will become itchy, but don’t scratch it! It may seem silly, but you can help it by lightly slapping the area.

Now, there are things we recommend you avoid doing, so your new tattoo wont get infected. For example, any kind of heavy activity that will cause you to sweat around the tattoo. While having it in the shower is okay, don’t do things that will cause you to fully submerge it under water, like a pool, spa, or the ocean. Also, in the air in the Los Angeles area is not the cleanest around. With that in mind, when you’re outside, be sure to wear a light cotton short, or pants, that cover the tattoo.

I know it may all seem scary and a lot to take in, but I promise it’s very easy to care for new tattoos. You can find all this information in a smaller form on our website, or keep the small sheet of paper that your artist hands you afterwards.

After everything is nice and healed, feel free to come by so we can take a look! We’ll let you know if a touch up is need, which is free of charge. Please don’t be afraid to call us with any questions! It’s better to ask a question you might feel is silly, than wonder and worry.

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