Cover Ups and Fix Ups

Cover Ups and Fix Ups



Let me start with saying, don’t be ashamed of “being over” or “out growing” an existing tattoo. It’s normal, and does happen from time to time. Even I have gotten an older tattoo covered up, and I couldn’t have been happier to see it gone! Or, maybe the tattoo never healed right, or the previous artist was having an off day when they worked on you. Don’t stress out, you have options! I’m going to list, and explain, just 3 to chose from. Keep in mind that your artist will recommend how best to proceed, based on what currently exists and what you wish to do with it.



Fix Up

Some tattoos are completely salvageable, and have some personal meaning to their owner. In that case, we recommend simply cleaning it up. That usually involves redoing most, or all, of the original tattoo. Lines, color, maybe adding an element here and there to tie the original piece together. This can be done on either a poorly done tattoo or even on an older one that just hasn’t survived well over the years. It breathes new life into the piece, while keeping the original imagery and meaning.


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Cover Up

Like I said before, there is nothing wrong with simply wanting to completely hide an old tattoo. People change, and sometimes you just aren’t the same person you were when you had first gotten it. Opinions, or tastes, change. It’s normal, and part of life. If that’s the case, covering up the tattoo is an option, but it can be a little more complicated. As you can see in the bear tattoo, it is significantly bigger then the original tattoo. That is part of the complication. To properly cover the tattoo, you have to fully encompass it. . The point is not see the original tattoo underneath, and that usually means going bigger, and sometimes darker. So, not all ideas for covers can work.

Usually, organic shapes (i.e. roses, hair, etc) work best, as we can manipulate the curves to flow over the old tattoo to cover it. This is why we always recommend coming to the shop, and letting us look at the tattoo that’s to be covered. We will discuss with you the best options, and what you’re hoping to create in place of it.


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Blast Over

Now, this is an option that most people aren’t really aware of. It works similar to a cover up, as it sits on top of the original tattoo, but with less concern about every line matching up. The original will be seen through the new tattoo, but at the same time enhancing the new one by lending it its color. Keep in mind, this only really works with traditional tattoos, and on tattoos that are near impossible to cover completely with a new piece. The end result, however, is something completely unique and personal.

Now, you may be asking yourself how to proceed with any of the options. Just keep two things in mind.

Firstly, come into the shop! I’m sorry to say that these are not things we can do over the phone, or even by email. We need to see your existing tattoo before we can have any idea of how to proceed. Secondly, I know it might be frustrating to hear an artist say “That’s not going to work” after you’ve explained what you wish to use as a cover up. I promise, we’re not saying that simply because we don’t want to. We’re saying that because we’re being honest and want you to leave with the best, and most professional, tattoo that we can provide!

If you are interested in a fix, cover, or blast over, please feel free to call us to schedule a consultation, or just come on by! We’ll take a look, chat about it, and schedule it.

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