First, I want to thank all of the customers over the years. The reason for the closure is as follows:

Short version:

Greedy landlords, artists with their own self interests. 

Long version:

In 2016, I realized the artists I had made successful were starting to let it go to their heads, and were seeking to make themselves “Los Angeles famous,” so to speak. They were no longer  about keeping the family together and wanted to do “the next big thing”… for themselves. 

I could have understood, had it not been for their absolute abandonment of any sense of respect for me, and any weight of how I helped them to get there was slowly growing lost on them. It went from us working together at something bigger than ourselves, where I felt we were a team, to an attitude from them of “what can you do for me now”.  

It disillusioned me completely, and I was awakened to the selfish atmosphere that it had become. 

Also, landlords had made operating a small business n Southern CA more and more undo-able, I mean really it’s a huge problem. 

Seeing the writing on the wall, I decided to pack up my family and move out of state. 

This isn’t sour grapes, as I am more happy now than I have ever been, to be perfectly honest it was a good move for me. 

I want to thank all of you, and feel you deserved the explanation.   

Thank you